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Free web hosting service descripton: offers 250 MB of web space, 6 GB of monthly traffic, 3 MySQL databases, 5 sub domains, FTP access, Vista Panel hosting control panel with automatic script installer. Instant account activation.

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Review by: ELVIR - IP: 89.146.XX.XX - January 23, 2008 - Rated: 8/10

Welcome pages are very illustrative and there are many option for setting. They offer also option to be your own free host server provider with domain name at your choice. They offer plenty software, space and traffic and also custom email and index.html pages for your customer. Problem is when you sign up and open first time your auto-created index.html almost in few sec. appears very ugly add that is movable and cover text of page. I hate this feature, it's so ugly and unprofessional. Other things are OK.

Review by: Asmar Amjad - IP: 117.102.XX.XX - February 4, 2009 - Rated: 9/10

I have hosted my website here from 1 years and all things are up and running ! they are offering 200gb bandwich which anyone cant get for free thats why i like their free hosting ! and vista panel is very very nice looking ! and the last and very very unique thing is that if i submit a support ticket they reply it within 10 min or less! Its very reliable web hosting with 99.99% uptime! I have my 1 year experiance with ! I recommend you to use it! and they are also offering unique upgrades!

Review by: princesiva - IP: 117.200.XX.XX - October 6, 2010 - Rated: 10/10

this is the best free hosting website ever.. im very much satisfied with its features..

Review by: Carl Williams - IP: 75.127.XX.XX - October 31, 2010 - Rated: 10/10

Hands Down is the VERY Best In the Business !
In the over one year I have been with them I have not had 5-Minutes of downtime due to their "Clustered Hosting", I have always found their response time to be under 1-Hour on Support Tickets except on Sunday but who can complain about that, even Jesus said to rest on Sunday !

I give them a 9 out of 10 an it would be a 10 out of 10 except they don't have a Legal Department behind them so if you get into a spat with a less than honorable person from a less than honorable host like ByetHost will take the higher road and simply revert back to their TOS - Terms of Service instead of following the letter of the DCMA-Digital Compliance Millennium Act which can work against you if someone is Slandering you and you try Slandering them back but their host speaking of does not have TOS terms against Slandering but ByetHost does, ByeHost will suspend your account without notice.

But with that said, if you don't have any Legal issues or trying to combat a disgruntled Affiliate then ByetHost by far is your choice in terms of price, service, and most definitely support which is second to none and unparalleled, for these reasons I look the other way as far as their legal department is concerned because what ByetHost does best is just what a hosting company should do best and that is "Hosting With Zero Problems!"

I have two of their Premiumn "Un-Limited" plans and if I ever upgrade to a VPS it will definitely be with, it may sound like I wear a big BH on my chest and if it sounds that way it's because it's true , I would not leave if you paid me, I'm in until the wheels fall off.

As for ByetHost's Free Hosting plans it's a great way to build "BackLinks" to your site by giving away free hosting plans that are sub-domains to your main domain with, they will set this up for you also in less than a hour.

Overall I'm more than pleased with, but if you are looking for a battleground it's not the place to go to war, but if you are looking for the "Best Overall Hosting Package" ByetHost is your choice, they even allow you to pay monthly which can help many start-ups, we are pass that start-up point now with many thanks to ByetHost's support over the past year, but by offering month-to-month that says to me that they have confidence in their service and don't have to rob you of your money up front for a whole year, and I have found the service to be one word, "OUTSTANDING"!

Review by: Shami Photos - IP: 119.154.XX.XX - June 14, 2011 - Rated: 10/10

I have a site here on byethost. Its great thing is its response time and uptime which are excellent than other free hosting. It has 100% uptime and 0.083 reponse time which i have examin in 2 month.My site is

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